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L'angevine on Bloomin' Bud
j'aime les couleurs

Thea on Study
Beautiful portrait..lovely expression !

omid on Study
very nice & so beautiful!!! Cute!

k@ on Hunter
Oh how that baby looks at your lens, so unique & intense & tender.

k@ on A Little Contrast
I like this deep black dialoguing with light as clouds are passing furiously over the glass.

k@ on Fishing
Superb scene & light (to answer your visitor, click on the icon after their name to open the dialogue window or ...

k@ on Sleeping
Such a natural sleeping... beauty.

Barri Olson on Fishing
I didn't see him shoot, but his concentration indicated he was quite a hunter.

Dimitrios on Fishing
With a bow! He must be good!

Barri Olson on Fishing
Thanks Curly...We used to live by this park..and a friend of mine used to do this...but mostly from shore, or a small ...

Curly on Fishing
Great shot, it's fascinating to see an old tradition being kept alive.

Abraham Siloé on Concentration
Thanks for your comments! Niche shot!

omid on Concentration

Abraham Siloé on A Little Contrast
Nice pic! Like it a lot! Hope u can visit my photoblog... Cheers!

Curly on The Lemonade Stand
Very nicely worked black and white Barri, I like this slightly flat contrast.

Phil David Morris 2011 on The Art Fair Off the Square
I love these street art fairs, always so much fun. A view I have not seen before, the architecture together ...

Phil Morris on Root
Wow what an incredible size, I imagine jack is way up there high.

guillaume on Over the Wall
Love this kind of shot !

Phil David Morris on Salt Shaker
Great macro, it looms so large before us.

Phil David Morris on The Reasoning
The grain catches the pathos of the look, lonely and forgotten. Beautiful work.

dang on Cold Storage II
Still peeking. :-)

dang on Storage
Nicely done, Barri. The tones and sharpness are wonderful, as usual.

sunstone_maria on Storage
great image!! fantastic composition!!!

dang on Spider
Knock, knock... :)

Wild Mustang Photography on Spider
WOW! 5*****! Fabulous!!!!

dang on Autumn Flowers
Beautiful coloration.

dang on Spider
Excellent shot of this cross spider, Barri. Looks like you've been shooting them for years. Well done!

Phil D. Morris on Spider
Your spider and the whole macro is so wonderful here.

dang on Signs of Autumn
Lots of pop in the purple. ;-)

dang on Bug in a Pod
No idea... guess it's just doing what a bug does, eh. ;-)

tataray on Bug in a Pod
Scintillant .... Très beau !.. ))

dang on Looking In - Looking Out #2
Oh man...I need glasses, but now I'm having double vision! Good one.

dang on Old Mill
I agree with Curly, Barri. There's a nice dense look to the color, but without an over-saturated look.

dang on Mother and Daughter
Reminds me of pushed Tri-X, I need to re-learn how to layer again. Nice job.

PHIL MORRIS on Mother and Daughter
I love it, real film, superb.

Phil Morris on Keyser
Beautiful picture, I wondered if this is a building you know of. It really is fascinating.

Curly on Old Mill
Wonderful tones and textures, nice ambience.

Phil Morris on My Favorite Subject
A real great study this portrait is with the expression and tight cropping. A beautiful work.

dang on Wisconsin State Capitol - Black and White
Wonderful use of wide angle, Barri.

Phil David Alexander Morris on Moonlight Diner
A ghost diner in our next stop, The Twilight Zone.

Becky on Moonlight Diner
I really like this shot! The shadows are wonderful - and mix so well with the feel of the building.

Kimhe on Moonlight Diner
it looks really creepy >< nice shot.

Phil David Alexander Morris on Bubbles
The bubble action is fantastic, you did very well here. She is a doll.

Becky on Bubbles
love this candid shot - love the bubble acting as a magnifying glass for the fishy on her top.

Phil David Alexander Morris on Looking in - Looking out
A wonderful image -- like looking at a M.C. Escher painting !

Fonts on Looking in - Looking out
I love reflections. As the images across a fabric offering great! It is complicated but very interesting reading! Best ...

Phil David Alexander Morris on Locked
Unusually older bikes contrasting with the very modern seating behind them. Great photo.

Phil David Alexander Morris on Wisconsin State Capitol - Black and White
What an amazing angle and beautifully composed. This photo is a real beauty.

Phil David Alexander Morris on Sun Prairie Water Tower - 1899
What a beautiful water tower, I really like the stone craftsmanship.

Valischka on Spillways open
Preciosa foto en blanco y negro de un bello lugar. Saludos.

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